“Love Song” (Lp)



love song COVERShhpuma Records 025 LP


Luis Lopes – clean (Hollowbody) guitar

cd tracks:

1. Meeting 
2. Love Song
3. Evil’s Face
4. Purity of Feelings
5. The Beauty of Love
6. Deepest Profound Obscurity
7. Ever Eternal Loneliness
8. Paradox Factor
9. The Sadness of The Inevitable End

release information:

Recorded at home, Rua da Padaria, by late night, January 31st 2015.
Mixed and Mastered March 2016 by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, Portugal.
Produced by Luís Lopes
Cover Photo by André Cepeda
Design by Travassos
Special Thanks to Pedro Santos

press release:

When leading a band (as with Humanization 4tet and Lisbon-Berlin Trio), Luís Lopes has the ability to fill up our measures in the fulfillment of what is supposed to happen in a jazz context, meaning that he maintains a cadence (a rhythmic pulsation) and focus on expression (the conducting factor, after all, of any improvisation). The solo work of this Portuguese guitarist is something else, freeing itself from those parameters of conduction to search for other things. In the case of the Noise Solo project we already know his taste for the implosion of musicality, preferring that electricity sounds as it is, dirty, crispy, excessive, disoriented, violent and obliterate of the senses. Cadence and expression may still be there, but they become so thick and so massive that the color red turns black. Now, we face an unknown side of the musician, a soft, meditative, melancholic LuТs Lopes, with a despoliation and a vulnerability capable of moving us in surprising ways. A Luís Lopes taken by the embarrassment of love. We were told that, on the other side of Thanatos, the compulsion for destruction, there is Eros, the instinct for languor, and “Love Song” is certainly that, erotic music, a kind of music marked by desire and affection. In one occasion, after a particularly energetic concert, Lopes was criticized by a young woman in the audience because, in her opinion, he was too much «masculine» when playing. Well, this is a feminine record, turning the fragility of each cherished string in a huge strength of another kind, maybe more titillating to our ears than the aggressive guitar feedbacks we’re used to get from him. Prepare yourselves to be amazed.  Rui Eduardo Paes